From inspiration...

During a visit to Spain in 2001, Dutch sculptress
Ida M. Kleiterp was struck by the extraordinary architectural forms which she saw in the mountaineous landscape of the Alpujarras. They were the 'Acequias', a network of reservoirs, channels, and moveable gates, which together formed a remarkable ancient irrigation system. Read the article ACEQUIAS: Freeway to fertility by Willem Messchaert. exhibition

Seven years later, Ida Kleiterp's sculptures inspired by these ancient forms were brought together in an exciting exhibition, presented as a dynamic installation. Click on the image on the left, How to Make Your Own Trail to see the story as a slideshow.

... and the Acequias Trail

Since 2007, Ida has worked and taught in many countries. Where possible she visited and photographed the local acequias or irrigation systems, many with ancient roots. Wherever she traveled, Ida left behind a sculpture to mark the connection and make a trail. Click on the map below to see the Acequias Trail.